Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And Then This Happened!

Something really exciting happened yesterday, something I couldn't have timed any better. 

I've been feeling overwhelmed of late by a new freelance writing assignment, wondering what I've gotten myself into. On top of that, I had just decided to start a blog, of all things! 

I know I should be writing every day, or every other day, but I haven't come close. And yet, dear readers, I learned yesterday I was named one of 10 bloggers to love by none other than blogger extraordinaire Katie Allison Granju over at You could have knocked me over with a feather!

I won't deny connections came into play, at least initially. My dear college friend Kimi told her dear friend Katie about "The Water Is Wide." But from there, Kimi assures me, it was all up to Katie. Expanding on my "Water" theme, if she thought I stunk, I would have been sunk.

Be sure to check out Katie's blog; I'm in some pretty awesome company.

And thank you for your support. I'll do my best to write every day. Or every other day. Or something like that. 


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